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"I haven't got the time to do marketing."

"Marketing is too expensive and too complicated."

"I've no idea where to start."  


Do these sound familiar?   Then Marketing From the Top was created for you.  

Nurture your clients


Using your customer database, we help you to encourage repeat business and word of mouth recommendation through targeted marketing campaigns,using postcards, email and text.

Reward your customers with seasonal discounts, invitations and birthday offers.


Attract new clients


We manage your Social Media presence to help you get noticed, encouraging word of mouth recommendation through targeted posts and updates on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you haven't yet explored social media, we can set up accounts for you.

Joint Marketing Alliances


We can help introduce you to other local businesses to benefit from increased exposure through joint marketing campaigns.

Plus, the opportunity to gain business from each other's customers and the forging of new professional relationships.





Look at How Easy it is to Promote Your Business With Us!

1Choose Your Campaign & Media

Seasonal Sale or In Store Event using Postcards, Email or Text

2Customise Your Message

Select a design, insert your wording, choose who receives it

3Campaign Delivered

Postcards, Emails or Texts are sent to selected customers





Our mission

To help small businesses grow by managing their marketing activities to reach new and existing customers.


What is Marketing From the Top?

Marketing is an integral part of running a successful business, but many small businesses don't have time, or are unsure of what to do, or simply cannot afford their own Marketing Manager. With Marketing From the Top, they don’t have to.

We want small businesses to thrive, so we provide the marketing tools that can best help them to grow.

Marketing From the Top: Market Your Business Like a Pro











Market your business like a

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